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Basic Member Screening is free to all gentlemen!
There are a few acceptable methods of screening, and they have been conveniently listed for you below. You are eligible to purchase a VIP MEMBERSHIP once you are verified and have met with at least one of the Assistants represented by HC.

If you do not have any references, an employment verification will be required. HC never retains personal company information on file. All details pertaining to your employment are always deleted, following the completion of your verification. Please make sure to include any additional information to expedite your request, such as: work email, company websites URL, links to online profile, company phone number w/extension, date/time to call you, etc. HC always utilizes the utmost discretion whenever contacting your place of employment, and would never endanger your livelihood.

Provider References
(preferred method of screening)

HC requires a minimum of 2-3 provider references in order to avoid employment screening. Please be sure to furnish the name of the provider, city you met, phone number, email address, or TER ID. We do not accept any personal phone numbers. All contact information submitted, must be the same as providers ad/website information. Please be advised, we will only accept references from providers that are established and reviewed.

Board Handles
TER, Preferred411 are all accepted until Apr 30th. Please note, that any account containing 2 whitelists or OK’s will be subject to additional screening/verification.

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Board Handles


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